by Felix

SCAS Comp Website (new)

A website for the Spring Comp of the Small Claims Advisory Service (SCAS). Built with Bootstrap 5.

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SCAS Wiki (new)

A wiki to store the small claims resources of SCAS. Built using MediaWiki software.

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Quorum (new)

An online voting tool for Model UN/Congress simulations. Quorum was used in my class, The Democracy Project, for the final constitutional convention.

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VolunteerNexus 2.0

An an online platform to connect students with service opportunities. It has connected over 1.4k volunteers, who have made over 16k engagements.

[check it out.]   [github repo.]


An online chat platform for Model UN conferences.

[access the repo.]


A recursive ranked choice voting tabulator, written in Java. We used this to run high school StuCo elections!

[access the repo.]


A family tree generator based on Wikipedia. Built with Python.

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An online Risk-like board game set in the Roman Empire

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Roman Roadtrip

A browser-based game set in Rome, inspired by Oregon Trail. Works best on a computer/laptop.

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A centralized online location for students to learn about and display information about new clubs.

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Vito's Website

A website where students can learn about and ask questions about Vito the Dog.

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Summer Jobs Database

A website that highlights local job opportunities for teens.

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Carpool Cinema

A splash page to advertise Westlake's first ever drive-in movie night!

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LakeMUN Crisis

Landing page for Model UN crisis committee in a retro-computing style.

[access the repo.]